What is the biggest job on earth?


We’ve spent the last year talking to and working with farmers to deepen our knowledge and understanding still more, so we’re better equipped than ever to help them tackle the biggest job on earth. Let’s tell you more about it.

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This land is here for me and my family, to feed people, and still be here for future generations. Read more

Looking after the land now and for future generations

I grow food to feed people. Not to feed pests. Read more

Sparing no effort to care for crops

Why should anyone object to innovation? Farmers have always been innovators. Read more

Innovating to improve farming practice

I feel like I need to make more of every seed, every grain of soil, every drop of water. Read more

Making more efficient use of resources

For me, a bigger apple means better business. Read more

Building better businesses and better lives

I want to look after the environment. I have to look after my crops and my land. Read more

Protecting crops, caring for the environment

We’ll never be able to feed a world of 9 billion people without technology’s help. Read more

Putting science and technology to work

It’s my job to grow healthy food. It’s my duty to keep the people I work with healthy. Read more

Healthy land. Healthy crops. Healthy people

Visit your local BASF agriculture website now to find out more on how we are working to help tackle the biggest job on earth.

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