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BASF - Urban Living: Smart Cities

Shaping city infrastructure that transforms our quality of life.

Re-imagining infrastructure

Re-imagining infrastructure
Digging Down
Successful completion of tunneling.
Green Sense Concrete
Cost-effective concrete made from recycled materials.
Pavements that absorb rainwater and put it to use.
Building The Shard
The science behind the concrete that helped create a European icon.
Energy-efficient, space-saving cables to meet our growing energy needs.
Building cities that protect us against extreme weather.

Supporting Stronger Cities

Supporting Stronger Cities
Protecting our breathtaking shorelines from the elements.
Disaster Durable Solutions
Building homes that can withstand extreme weather.
Stronger Bridges
Strengthening the world’s most impressive structures to keep us connected.
MasterSeal 7000 CR
The versitile waterproofing solution protecting you and the environment.
Elastolit® Utility Poles
Electricity that's uninterrupted by the elements.
Creating cities with decent homes for everyone.

Building better homes

Building better homes
Energy Efficient Insulation
High-performance insulation that benefits you and the environment.
High performance for paints
Sophisticated interior paints with highest wet scrub resistance
Instant Set Roof Coatings
The roof over your head can protect you and the environment.
Upgrading Insulation
Giving homes built in the 1950s an energy efficient makeover.
Reimagining cities where everyone moves freely and safely.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward
Low Emission Solutions
Cleaner, safer environments inside your vehicle.
Driving E-mobility
Make electric vehicles a practical reality for everyone.
Saddle revolution
Improving comfort and safety in bicycle riding.
Lightweight Plastics
Modern body parts for vehicles that help reduce emissions.
High-Speed Railways
Making inner-city travel more comfortable, faster & safer.
Developing cities that are kinder to our bodies.

Breathe, Look, Listen

Breathe, Look, Listen
Certified compostable plastic
Collecting and recovering packaging and organic waste together
Smart Daylight System
Bringing natural daylight inside and into windowless rooms.
Improving Air Quality
Catalysts lower emissions and make the air we breathe cleaner.
Sound absorbing insulation
Enhancing the acoustics inside buildings and reducing noise pollution.
Advanced Flooring Solutions
Providing safer surfaces for sports areas and children's playgrounds.

Smart Cities for the Future

By 2030, three out of every five of us will live in a city.

At BASF, we believe that, despite the many challenges faced by our cities, the future of city life looks better and better.

We're helping create the reasons for us all to feel optimistic about the future of our cities.

Here, you can learn about the many ways BASF is helping to design that future.

Urban Living

The future is not what you dream, but what you make.

We are helping solve today’s biggest challenges. See why we can all be optimistic about the future.

Time to change direction

Mobility in the 21st century requires innovation. Discover cities and technologies that demonstrate how to take on one of challenges of the century.

The importance of cleaner air

The air we breathe affects each one of us. How do we improve it?
of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution exceeds WHO guideline limits.

Urban Living